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Sounds for Living // Shelter

Sounds For Living // Shelter 

A day of experimental, improvised and newly commissioned soundworks leading out from the Fort Hill Shelter and exploring Cliftonville via Transmission Records and Cliffs.

Sounds For Living // Shelter is part of Inside Out ( for the Margate Festival.


From 4.30pm Cliffs will host two performances...

4.30pm Steve Beresford & Sarah Gail Brand

The legendary Steve Beresford has been a central figure in the British improvising scene for over thirty years, and has worked with hundreds of people, including The Slits, Stewart Lee, Ivor Cutler, Prince Far-I,The Flying Lizards, Otomo Yoshihide, John Zorn, Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, Christian Marclay and more. He plays a variety of instruments, including piano, electronics, trumpet, euphonium, bass guitar and a wide variety of toy instruments.

Trombonist Sarah Gail Brand has recorded and performed on the international Jazz and Improvised Music since the early 1990s with Mark Sanders, John Edwards, Evan Parker, Phil Minton, Lol Coxhill, Alexander Hawkins, Maggie Nicols, Rachel Musson and countless others. She appears in Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle and in the 2014 documentary, Taking The Dog for a Walk.

5.30pm Slap Dash

A Trio of Tina Krasevec , David Leahy and a Double Bass. "Originating in the premise that a musical instrument is not just a passive artefact producing sound, but has its own identity and presence within a performance environment. An investigation into the different possibilities of relationship between the two performers and a double bass".