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Cliffshammer - HyperDrive! An X-Wing Event at Cliffs

Welcome to the first X-Wing Event from CliffHammer!

This will be a small Hanger Bay type event held on the 26th June. You will be playing 2-3 games of X-Wing with prizes and trophies on offer for the best pilots. 

You will need to build 2 100 point squads and get to choose which one to play before each game. Upgrade cards don't have to be from the X Wing packs; proxies / print outs are fine, as long as they've got all the text on them and it's legible!

Each squad can be built with the same ships if you wish, but Unique Upgrades and Pilots may only be used once over both squads. For example, you cannot have Rey piloting the Falcon in your first squad, and Rey as a Crew member in your second. There is after all only one Rey in the galaxy.

Bring your ships and crash into some asteroids (thats basically what happns to me anyway!) whilst out manouvering your opponent.

If you havent played X-Wing before, its easy as pie, all the rules are free online and the ships are good value and come pre painted too. Easy to pick up and super fun to play. 

Come and take part, tickets are £5 for the evening and it will of course be held at Cliffs, Margate as usual!

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