Kickstarter Update #5


Apologies for the radio silence since we reached our target. No, we have not run off to South America with the funds (tempting). Just wanted to let you know where we are at with Cliffs at the moment...

Since we got the keys on April 1st we've been working on the premises almost flat out. We have stripped the interior completely, removed the pegboard walls and all the timber (LOTS of timber) holding it in. We've cleaned the walls, filled in all the holes and are now in the process of having the electricity and gas systems installed as well as broadband internet, and a security system. The floors will be sanded and treated, and glazier has been booked to patch up the broken windows and open up the two large bay windows at the rear which will let in an IMMENSE amount of sunlight to the hair salon and the coffee roastery. 

Yes, in an exciting new development we will be housing Thanet's first coffee roastery 'Curve' roasters. We can't wait for you to see the full process in action, and to be selling the freshest coffee possible. And it's going to smell amazing. 

All the furniture we need has been bought, and the interior has been completely designed, the counter marked out on the floor. We are going to build the counter, shelves and anything else we can out of the reclaimed wood we removed last week. We also tore the old shop sign down and the new one is in production as we speak. We've bought plenty of records and are going through the process of pricing them up, ready for sale. Coffee shop stock is being ordered... 

The kind people at Dreamland have donated two vintage pinball machines for us to play on all day, my dad has kindly given us his 1972 jukebox... basically you will never need to leave. Until we close for the night, anyway.

We're also in the process of organising all the rewards for those who are due to receive something. We'll be sending out an email asking for addresses soon, so hold tight. 

In the meantime you can follow us on Instagram and Twitter @cliffsmargate for all the latest updates. 

Thanks for reading!

Ed and Kier X

 ps here are some photos of the shop so far, with shit music related captions!

Fixing a hole(s)

Sign-man Cowell

Gangster Scrap

Woody Wood-man-see

Cavity Beefheart

Counter-y Music

Stair way to hair-dresser-ven