About Cliffs

Cliffs is an independent shop and cafe. Stirling Hair and Curve Coffee Roasters share our space and together we are an exciting destination in Cliftonville. Cliffs is a passion-project for the founders Ed and Kier. We opened Cliffs to create the kind of place we would love to spend time, not as a business to make us rich. Therefore it is important to us that we stick to our environmental values and our intention to enrich the local community as much as we can. We are dedicated to consciously being kind to our planet, here are a few examples of how we are doing our bit...

- We use compostable takeaway cups, lids, straws, carrier bags.... etc

- Our electricity is 100% green, our gas is 12% (Ecotricity.co.uk)

- Waste is fully split and sorted for recycling.

- We minimise the amount of single-use plastic that comes into our shop, from glass bottles of milk to refilling cleaning products. 

- The food we use in our kitchen is local and organic wherever possible, from as close as the Windmill allotment in Margate.

- We stock the reusable coffee cup KeepCup offering perks for using your own.

- The space is free to hire for not-for-profit enterprises, get in touch to discuss availibility. 

We will always look for other ways to improve the way we do things so check back for future news! 

Who we are

Ed and Kier moved to Margate from London to set up life by the sea. Ed is a Lighting Designer working mainly with live music acts; Kier is an Interior Designer and Yoga Teacher. We both love coffee and music.